Trish Studley

Senior Consultant

Trish is an energetic leader with more than 15 years managing public sector IT projects. With 27 years as a public servant in Nova Scotia, her experience encompasses projects of varying size, scale, and complexity, including multi-stakeholder engagements and public-facing projects. Along with an undergraduate degree in Information Technology, Trish is also a Certified Agile Project Manager with multiple Agile, IT, and Project Management certificates and qualifications and can successfully deliver Agile, Hybrid, and Waterfall projects.

Trish takes great pride in developing and maintaining stakeholder relationships and can effectively communicate with all levels of an organization to ensure project goals and outcomes are successfully reached. With additional experience in information management, business analysis, and financial management, she is an asset to any project she is engaged in, with the ability to easily adapt to the unique needs of each engagement.