What we do


Management Consulting

Through our training and experience, our team assists with understanding the core focus of a variety of organizations and sectors. Our Management Consulting services include:

  • Vision, Mission, and Guiding Principles Development
  • Strategic, Tactical and Operational Planning
  • Governance and organizational structure/design
  • Business case development and analysis
  • Stakeholder assessment and engagement
  • Jurisdictional review and leading practice identification
  • Program design, review and evaluation
  • Evaluation framework and logic modelling
  • Service mapping and realignment

Project Management

Our Project Management professionals have an extensive track record of delivering projects on time, on budget and achieving the intended scope.

Leveraging our team in the discipline of project management ensures your project is set up for success from design through to execution. In addition to direct Project Management, our team’s expertise lies in:

  • Program and project management office establishment
  • Program and project portfolio management
  • Project portfolio analysis
  • Vendor and procurement support
  • Project Health Checks

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is about more than technology; it is about leveraging technology to change the business function in a way that is transformational.  Encouraging innovation and new models of thinking, Pivot’s digital expertise helps to positively change the way business operates.

More than technology implementation, our approach integrates digital technology into areas of the organization to fundamentally improve how services are delivered, improve the employee experience and create greater value for the client.


Enterprise Change Management

In a world where change is constant, success is tied to organizations that are able to achieve results while transitioning through change. Pivot offers more than “traditional” change management; we view change from multiple dimensions including leadership, enterprise change, human-centred design, benefits realization and talent development.

Pivot’s approach to leading and managing change is designed with people in mind. Engaging Pivot’s team means that you will engage and experience the high-performance leadership, engagement and collaboration behaviours necessary for successful change.


Organizational Optimization

Organizations thrive when they are working at an optimal level. With competing priorities, financial constraints and ever-increasing customer demands it can be difficult for an organization to be at its optimal performance.

Pivot’s team works with clients to improve results and optimize organizational performance. Our approach is designed to be different as it encompasses both the organization’s culture, policies, structure, and processes, as well as the competencies and performance of individuals. Our optimization services include:

  • Business analysis 
  • Process analysis and design
  • Lean Six Sigma and continuous improvement
  • Performance management
  • Process simulation, flow and improvement
  • Benchmarking and metrics